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How to choose your Shredder

Shredders can be used in all work and home environments, when purchasing a shredder, you need to think about the number of people that will be using it and how much paper they will need to shred at once.

Run time is the length of time a shredder can continuously shred for before it needs to cool down. In larger office environments multiple users may need to continually shred one after another. For home office use, shredding may be a bit less frequent, so the shredder would only need to run continuously for a few minutes. Sheet capacity is the number of sheets of paper you can shred at once, the higher the sheet capacity, the quicker you can shred large piles of paper.


Why shred?

Shredding potentially sensitive paper waste helps combat the threat of identity theft.


1.What to shred

Shred all documents that show personal, financial or company information before throwing them out. Shred anything you wouldnít want in the hands of a stranger.

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2.Where will the shredder be located and how many people will use it?

Heavy-duty Shredder- 10+ Users

Departmental Shredder- 5+ Users

Small Office Shredder- 1-5 Users

Personal & Home Office Shredder- 1 User


3.What level of security is required?

A strip-cut shredder offers basic protection cutting each A4 sheet into approximately 36 Strips. A cross-cut shredder would give better protection against ID fraud as confetti-cut pieces become extremely difficult to assemble. 

For highly confidential documents a micro-cut shredder offers superior protection shredding one piece of paper into over 2000 pieces, making it near impossible for identity thieves to reassemble documents. 

Shredder Info

Other things to look at when choosing a shredder-

  • Determine the sheet capacity or the number of sheets that can be fed into the machine at one pass.

  • Choose your bin capacity to determine how much you can shred before having to empty your bin.

  • Do you want your shredder to have an auto-oil feature
  • Think about additional materials that will be going through the shredder such as staples, paper clips, credit cards and CD's. You will need to choose a shredder that is capable of shredding these additional items.


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