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We stock a large variety of printer paper, as well as lots of different brands, weights, sizes and colours and we sell over 500,000 sheets a month! We carry a wide range of stock, which makes us your go to paper suppliers; we're always here if you need us.


Online Catalogue of Office Supplies

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Weight of paper


Have you ever wondered what gsm means? Gsm stands for Grams per Square Metre, this is used to denote the mass of the product by area. For example, typical office paper has 80 g/mē, therefore a typical sheet of A4 paper weighs 5g.

As paper is measured by weight, not by thickness, it means that 75gsm paper isn't necessarily any thinner than 80gsm paper. 


We sell lots of different weights of printer paper ranging from 75gsm, which can be used as everyday copy paper, to 120gsm paper which is popular for printed letterheads, right up to thick card. We also sell coloured paper in a range of weights and a large variety of colours.


Our paper


All of our paper is carefully selected from the largest paper merchants, who only buy from responsible mills. Our papers are FSC and PEFC certified and sourced from responsibly managed forests. Because of the initiatives being taken by producers of new material, such as replanting trees used for paper making as well as indigenous species never to be harvested. New paper is often the first choice for environmentally minded consumers.


Excellent performance in high volume copiers and printers with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


Recycled Paper


Many consumers are conscious of buying responsibly which is why we offer another choice with recycled paper in addition to our usual environmentally responsible paper.


Conqueror Paper


We stock and sell Conqueror paper and Conqueror paper colours. We keep it in both laid and wove finish in different colours. This is still a popular choice for letterheads, contracts, agreements, invitations and orders of service.




We also stock and sell different sizes of paper, ranging from A4 paper, to A3 as well as specialised sizes. We sell plotter rolls, the sizes we stock are- 610mm, 841mm and 914mm.



a4 paper size


A1 paper size = 594 x 841  

A2 paper size = 420 x 594 

A3 paper size = 297 x 420 

A4 paper size = 210 x 297 

A5 paper size = 148 x 210 

A6 paper size = 105 x 148   

A7 paper size = 74 x 105



Compliment slip size = 99 x 210

Business card size = 52 x 90 or 55 x 85 






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