What are laminators used for?

Laminator machines are used to protect documents against spills, grease and regular handling to ensure that they stay in pristine condition for years to come. Typically, laminators are used to laminate items such as signs, posters, name cards, business cards or brochures. We sell a wide range of laminating pouches in different thicknesses- which is measured in microns.

1 micron is 1000th of a millimetre so for example, 200 microns is a thickness of 0.2 mm. Depending on how rigid you want your documents to be, this would a factor to consider when buying a laminator. 


Hot laminators


Heat seal laminators are most commonly used in offices. These work by using heat to seal the plastic around the document. The laminator heats up and the document is placed either inside a laminating pouch, or covered in a roll of plastic. The document is then placed inside the hot laminator which seals the heat activated film as it runs through the laminator. 


Cold laminators

Cold laminating use laminating pouches which have a sticky adhesive which seals itself to the document when pressure is placed on it by the laminator. Cold laminating isnít as durable as heat sealing a document. Cold lamination is only really used if the document were to be damaged by heat such as the ink running.


Roll laminators

These are usually used by schools or offices that need to laminate larger documents or laminate in high volume. Roll laminators use two rolls of film, one side of the film is a sticky adhesive which bonds with the document when heated or when pressure is applied.

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 roll laminator


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