Envelopes may appear to be simple but the range of choice is vast. There is an entire industry dedicated to the production of envelopes, and it employs some of the most sophisticated techniques available to manufacture a range of products to meet everybody’s needs. The international envelope size range has been developed to accommodate A size sheets, the range of envelope sizes is designated the 'C Series' which is defined by ISO 216 and given names such as C4 (one of the more popular sizes), C5, C6 and so on (sizes range from C0 to C10).


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There are a large range of envelope sizes available, the most common being DL , C5 and C4, although we have many more sizes available. We stock the most popular envelope sizes in both window, non-window and in manilla and plain white. 


See the guide below for envelope sizes-

Office Supplies in Kent - Envelope Size Chart


What does DL stand for?


The most widely used envelopes are the DL envelopes which don’t fall under the C series sizes.


The DL envelope originated in Germany, and was known as ‘DIN Lang’. Nowadays, the abbreviation is better known as ‘dimension lengthwise’.


The DL envelope still remains the most popular way to send business post as it is lightweight and small; it costs less in postage- although tricky to fold an A4 sheet into thirds if you have a lot of letters to send!



Padded Envelopes



We stock a large range of padded envelopes in different sizes, including Jiffy Bags and Mail Lite bags. These are ideal when posting fragile or delicate items. The padded envelopes are lightweight and durable and are self sealing postal bags lined with small barrier sealed bubble.

They are high quality padded envelopes that will provide adequate protection of most small items to be sent through the postal system.





Board Backed, Gusset & Specialist Envelopes


documents enclosed wallets

We also stock a large variety of board backed and gusset envelopes. The board back envelopes have a peal & seal closure and are ideal for keeping documents safe and flat. They are heavyweight manilla, printed with 'Please Do Not Bend' and come in a range of sizes.


The gusset envelopes have peal & seal closure and allow you to send bulky items with confidence, exceptionally strong and come in 100gsm to 155gsm and also come in a range of different sizes.


 We stock tenzalopes, also known as 'documents enclosed wallets'. They are self-adhesive envelopes that protect documentation such as packing lists and invoices as well as making documents easily visible and ensuring they arrive with your goods. All openings are on the longest side for convenience. 


We sell a range of coloured envelopes in a variety of sizes and colours.




Royal Mail Pricing in Proportion


It can be difficult to understand Royal Mail pricing and work out the postage cost for the item that you're sending, we hope that you'll find this information useful. Further details can be found on the Royal Mail website.


Royal Mail Pricing

Letter Format

C5 or under. Up to 100g, less than 5mm thick.

  • most letters
  • postcards
  • bills and statements
  • some brochures and catalogues
  • most greeting cards


Large Letter Format

B4 or under. Up to 750g, less than 25mm thick.

  • letters containing unfolded A4 paper
  • most brochures
  • CD's 
  • Dvd's
  • catalogues and company reports


Packet Format

More than 353mm long or more than 250mm wide or more than 25mm thick. Maximum weight depends on service. If one or more of the dimensions exceeds those mentioned above, or the weight exceeds 750g, the item is classed as a packet.

  • most books
  • VHS cassettes
  • parts and samples
  • most cylindrical packages



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