Choose the right binding style for your purpose:



With the CombBind range you can choose from three spines:

  1. Standard Combs- Our best selling A4 plastic spines in a range of various colours.
  2. ProCombs- Colour coded, premium quality matt spines to help choose the correct spine size for your documents.
  3. ZipCombs- For professionally bound, editable documents, which can be opened and closed to add or remove pages on the spot.


wire bind


  • Stylish, robust and durable, 34 loop metal binding spine
  • Securely bind A4 documents with a professional finish
  • Ideal for external reports and documents which require a secure non-editable closure such as financial documents


  • The most upscale and easy to use spine for maximum attention with minimal effort

  • 34 hole spines can be zipped and unzipped with a ClickBind editing tool or by hand so you can add and remove pages anywhere anytime



  • Within the StripBind category, there are two options to choose from:

  • VeloBind- Re-closable 4-pin format allows typical small desktop or personal usage to bind and re-open with just one simple A4 plastic strip
  • SureBind- Secure 10-pin format is the official professional option to permanently bind classified documents



  • Turn loose pages into a ‘perfect bound’ paperbook look in seconds 
  • The adhesive is already inserted into a preformed cover, to give a truly professional, secure, stylish and ‘published’ feel


Choose the front and back cover to suit your style:binding cover

  • Clear (PVC or Polypropylene)
  • Leathergrain card covers in a selection of colours (with or without a window)
  • Linen weave card covers in a selection of colours


Different covers explained…

  • PVC covers are tear resistant and available in clear and opaque in various thicknesses
  • Polypropylene covers are more rigid, tougher, stylish and modern and are made of 100% post-consumer recycled material
  • Cardboard covers come in a range of finishes and textures to give a traditional appeal to a document presentation, where touch, feel and colour are important


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