We will collect and recycle your used cartridges

Every year, more than 300 million plastic printer cartridges end up dumped in landfills around the world ó almost 10 cartridges are thrown away every second. While we can never completely stop the cycle of cartridges entering the waste stream, we can at least stem the flow.



Ink and toner cartridges contain hazardous materials yet most of us throw them away and think nothing of it. Throwing them into landfill means it wastes plastic and dumps hazardous material into the environment. 


We will collect your used ink and toner cartridges and recycle them free of charge- meaning that you don't have the added hassle of disposing of them safely because we'll do it for you!


Reducing the number of cartridges that end up in the limited landfill sites available has to be environmentally efficient, and makes good economic sense.


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